Isbarah Full Version

Description Isbarah Full Version : Free Download Action Games Isbarah cracked and play game Isbarah full version with game size 737 MB. Game Isbarah Full Version is often a cross-genre of bullet hell and platformer style, it’s a hardcore 2d game and every level is really a duel boss fight. Players will have to understand fully the boss patterns.

Isbarah Full Version

Isbarah Cracked
Isbarah Download Free

To thrive, we’ve got added three abilities on the gameplay:

  • Slow Motion : Will enable a period decrease in order to give the player time for it to analyze the specific situation around them and to generate a wise move.
  • Dash : This ability permits you to make fast moves for any direction with perfect precision.
  • The Barrier : technology-not only being a shield or a platform, whether or not to protect yourself or that will help you climb higher.
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Leikir Studio
Publisher: Neko Entertainment
Release Name: Isbarah-FLT
Size: 737.569 MB

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