The Sims 2 Full Version

Description: Free download games pc The Sims 2 Full Version with game size 2.39 GB include patch for playing full version. The Sims 2 is the first altogether new era of The Sims, the noteworthy amusement that permitted players to make and control individuals. The Sims 2 difficulties you to guide the excursion of your Sims’ lives as they develop from earliest stages through adolescence, young life and adulthood. Beginning with an identity that you provide for them (or that they inherit from their guardians), your Sims will create in novel routes focused around your decisions and impact. As they advance through life, your Sims will gather memories which shape who they are, what alternatives they have and how they carry on.
The Sims 2 Full Version
Detailed instructions on proper installation.
Along with the programs I used to complete the installation.
  1. (PC GAME) The Sims 2 CD1.iso
  2. (PC GAME) The Sims 2 CD2.iso
  3. (PC GAME) The Sims 2 CD3.iso
  4. (PC GAME) The Sims 2 CD4.iso
  5. Sims2_1.mdf
  6. Sims 2 Patch
The programs that I include are:
  • Active ISO Burner(freeware)
  • Alcohol 120%
Active ISO Burner, is used to burn the images to CD. If you have your own program for burning ISO images the installation won’t be needed. Alcohol 120%, is the program I use for the virtual drive. With this program I also include the patch to unlock full usage. If you use your own program for a virtual drive installation isn’t needed.
There is nothing unwanted in this program, no keygens, no viruses, no spyware etc.
After downloading please seed and if this is helpful to you feel free to drop a comment, also if you have any problems as well.
Other Tutorial how to install The Sims 2 Full Version:
  1. Extract with (WinRaR) 3) 
  2. [Dont Burn CD’s] Download and use(DAEMON Tools Lite) 
  3. Extract CD 1 inside folder run (Setup) Put Code
  4. Follow instructions When it asks for “CD 1” Use
  5. (DAEMON)-Click in middle “Add DT Virtual Drive” 
  6. Use “The Sims 2 CD1.rar” file then click continue and repeat for CD-2,3,4 
  7. When done. Do the patch in folder 2 and follow instructions. 
  8. If error: Unspecified error. When starting up comes up. 
  9. My way! Mount all 4 CDs with (DAEMON) inside of CD 1 folder click “AutoRun” instead and DONE! Upvote if it helps!
Download The Sims 2 Full Version Game Size: 2.39 GB:

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