Free Game Fat Chicken Cracked

Short Description Games Fat Chicken: Do you like tower defense games? you must try Free Game Fat Chicken Cracked now. Download and play game Fat Chicken full version. This game (Game Fat Chicken Cracked) is a REVERSE TOWER DEFENSE diversion where you fill out ranch creatures for butcher by pumping them brimming with hormones, overloading them and seasoning them with anti-microbials to keep them alive so they’re worth more when you transform ’em into wonderful, heavenly bundled meat… its what’s for supper!

Screenshoots Game Fat Chicken:

Free Game Fat Chicken Cracked

Download Fat Chicken

How to Install Game Fat Chicken:

  1. Extract release Game Fat Chicken
  2. Mount ISO Game Fat Chicken
  3. Install the Game Fat Chicken
  4. Copy crack from the folder /PLAZA
  5. Play Game Fat Chicken

Characteristics Game Fat Chicken Cracked:

  • Immense Campaign – Work your route over the U.s. hitting 13 separate areas and 26 testing levels on your mission to climb the positions and topple the Fat Chicken Meat Co.
  • Fabricate your ranch and staff up with enlisted hands to meet your Meat Quotas. Key Tower Defense gameplay has never been so “udderly” wonderful.
  • Given your R&d division something to do – Complete missions to open new gear and delectable redesigns for your homestead.
  • Contract homestead hands and “legends” to group, help and mend your animals, all for the sake of quicker creation and more meat for the business sector.
  • Full Music Soundtrack – 17 unique tracks from honor winning writer Jason Graves, crisp off his prosperity with the most recent Tomb Raider reboot and the Dead Space arra

Publisher: Relevant Games
Developer: Mighty Rabbit Studios , Relevant Games
Size: 381MB
Download Links Game Fat Chicken:  Part 1 , Part 2, or Single File

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